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BE Advising Contact:

Ms. Kacy M. Cross
Associate Director for Advising
Room 240 Skirkanich Hall
Phone: 215-573-6405

BE Administrative Contact:

Ms. Katherine Sas
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Room 240 Skirkanich Hall

Undergraduate Advance Registration

Every year, the faculty improves the curriculum and choices students have for their classes. To know what rules have changed and will affect you, you need to read the letter from the BE undergraduate chair.

After reading the letter, you will have most of your questions about registration answered, especially those regarding available courses, AP credits, electives, independent study, submatriculation, and more.

Advance Registration Process:

  1. The procedure to gain clearance to register for the upcoming Summer and Fall 2016 advance registration period (March 21st - April 3rd) has changed slightly. Students will be cleared and permitted to register beginning 10am, Monday morning, March 21st. Registration hold will ROLL OVER from the previous semester, so only those students who handed in signed E-cpg's in the Spring 2016 semester will be cleared for advanced registration. Students who are on hold should meet with their advisor and hand in signed E-cpg's asap in order to be cleared for Advance Registration.

    All undergraduate students are still required to meet with their advisor and obtain an approval signature on their Worksheet/Electronic-course planning guide (E-cpg) – BOTH VIEWS (semester and requirement).  Worksheets with your advisor’s signature should be submitted to the Bioengineering office (240 Skirkanich) by April 1st.  Please be sure to have both formats of the E-cpg signed, i.e., E-cpgs with classes listed by semester and by degree requirements.

    NOTE:  Students who have not submitted completed worksheets to the Bioengineering office by April 1st will be placed on REGISTRATION HOLD and will not be able to participate in the drop/add period until their signed E-cpg has been received.

    Please use the day/times noted on the Walk-In Advising Schedule to meet with your advisor.  Additional meeting times may be scheduled, so please check email from your advisor for any updated information on office hours.

  2. To prepare the paperwork go online to Penn InTouch and fill out the electronic worksheet for your curriculum (BSE, ASBS = BAS). Select Worksheet from the menu. Use Help to get instructions on how to fill it out.
  3. Important Note: When filling out the worksheet, you must enter the course numbers of the courses you are taking. The system expects that course numbers will consist of four letters followed by three numbers: e.g., MATH104. BE is only two letters, so you must enter BE courses as [BE<space><space>] or [BE  100].
  4. When taking cross-listed courses to fulfill the BE CPG, students are required to enroll in the engineering designation of the course. For example, students taking OPIM415, which is the same as MEAM 415, must enroll in MEAM415.
  5. When you have filled out the worksheet, print out BOTH the Requirement View and Term View. If applicable, attach all petitions necessary to carry out your planned curriculum including petitions to increase your course load (7cu's or higher).
  6. Please contact your advisor to meet with him/her before turning in your electronic worksheet to the BE Office in 240 Skirkanich. You must meet with your advisor and obtain his/her signature on your worksheet before turning it in to the BE Office. 
    1. After you have acquired your advisor's signature, submit the worksheet to the BE office. Make sure to write your NAME and GRADUATION YEAR on the worksheet.  Your name will NOT print electronically, so please print your full, official name on your worksheet. You do NOT need a "permission to register" form. The electronic worksheet, both the semester and requirements views, is all that is required. ONLY the electronic worksheet is acceptable – no other forms can be processed.
  7. Please see the attached list of pre- and corequisites for all BE core classes and electives. These are strictly enforced, so all students must show their advisor that they have taken the required preliminary courseowrk. If the student does not have the required coursework, she MUST have an improved petition or plan of action in place with the BE office.

Important Notes:

  1. The advance registration period is:March 21st to April 3rd, 2016.
  2. To increase credit units above 5.5 CU per semester, you must have a minimum 3.0 GPA, with no "F" or "I" on your transcript. Please make your request to increase your credits on your worksheet or email Katherine Sas.
  3. Rising Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors: You should follow SEAS rules for course load/additional credits available in the SEAS Undergraduate Handbook. Generally, if you meet the guidelines, you can increase your courses when you submit your eCPG for approval.  If you do not meet the guidelines, you can always submit a petition for action and have the petitions committee review your request.  Also, if you want to register for more than 6.5 CUs, a petition is required.
  4. Print your full official name and Graduation Year on both views of eCPG.