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The Bioengineering PhD Student Handbook

Introduction to Bioengineering

Welcome to the Bioengineering Department! This handbook is designed to give new Bioengineering PhD students a brief history and overview of the Bioengineering department at Penn along with important guidelines for successfully completing the Bioengineering PhD program. In addition to this handbook there are several helpful resources available online:

The Graduate Group Chair, Dr. Jason Burdick, or the Graduate Program Coordinator, Kathleen Venit, can assist you with any special questions or individual concerns not covered in the handbook:

Jason Burdick, Ph.D.
Professor, Bioengineering
Chair, Bioengineering Graduate Group
Office: 102 Hayden Hall
Phone: 215-898-8537
  Kathleen Venit
Graduate Program Coordinator
Department of Bioengineering
Office: 240 Skirkanich Hall
Phone: 215-746-8604

Please note that it is the student's responsibility to be familiar with the rules, procedures, and requirements of the Department, SEAS, and the University of Pennsylvania.

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The PhD Student Handbook is also available for download as a PDF document.