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Get Involved!

Bioengineering Talks With Alumni (BETA) exposes students to career options, both traditional and non-traditional, in informal gatherings with alumni to learn about "life beyond Penn BE." Learn more.

Graduate Alumni Chats (GAC)

Supported by the department and GABE (the Graduate Association of Bioengineers), GAC brings alumni and others to Penn to talk informally with graduate students about career choices and research in industry, non-profits, and government. Learn more.


Welcome Back!

Interested in becoming more involved with Bioengineering at Penn? Take a look at some of the opportunities for our departmental alums to give back to Penn Engineering.

Alumni: Welcome Back!

Share your experiences with current BE students

Bioengineering students are eager to hear from alumni—whether you are in research, academia, government, business, or technology. To facilitate exchange between alumni and students, we have two programs that invite you to come to Penn to talk informally about your professional career paths.  If you would be interested in talking with undergraduate or graduate students, please contact Jeanne Marks at

Mentor a Bioengineering student

Students look for guidance about summer internships and future goals, medical school, and research careers.  If you would like to mentor a student (via e-mail), go to Penn Engineering's mentorship page for details. 

Recruit our graduates

Some students do go on to graduate school, but the majority of Bioengineering students enter the work force upon graduation.  If your company is interested in Bioengineering graduates, there are many opportunities—from career fairs to individual interviews—on campus. Learn more...

Give to Penn Engineering

Penn's Bioengineering department is ranked in the country's Top 10, according to U.S. News & World Report.  To continue its pioneering research, the School of Engineering and Applied Science welcomes all alumni to support faculty, students, and the building of new facilities.  Learn more about how you can make a difference in improving health and medicine all over the world through the research and education practiced here. Learn more...

See where students go after graduation

Bioengineering students begin their careers from places as small as start-up biotech firms to places as large as international pharmaceutical companies.  Penn's Office of Career Services surveys students annually upon graduation to track career placements. Learn more...