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  Penn Engineers Identify Protein Implicated in 3-D Epigenetics of Brain Development
Jennifer Phillips-Cremins, Assistant Professor in Bioengineering, studies the three-dimensional folding of the genome and the role it plays in brain development. Phillips-Cremins and lab member Jonathan Beagan have led a new study identifying a new protein that connects loops in embryonic stem cells as they begin to differentiate into types of neurons.
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  Penn Professors Lead Call for Ethical Framework for New 'Mind Control' Technologies
As interventions for mental illnesses and neurological disorders are becoming increasingly powerful, an interdisciplinary group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, American University and Duke University, including Danielle Bassett, Eduardo D. Glandt Faculty Fellow and associate professor in Bioengineering, are calling for new safeguards to guide treatments and protect patients.
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  Penn Students' Design To Reach New Heights Aboard the ISS
  In response to a call to "Print the Future," three Penn undergraduates won the opportunity to have their design 3-D printed aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Rising seniors Jaimie Carlson, Laura Gao, and Adam Zachar formed ProtoFluidics to create an adaptable, modular microfluidic device. The team hopes that, once printed using the 3-D printer already on the ISS, astronauts will be able to use their design to perform specialized research using tiny amounts of fluids in space.
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  Huh Lab Receives $1 Million for Organ-on-a-Chip Cancer Immunotherapy Research
The Cancer Research Institute named Dan Dongeun Huh, Wilf Family Term Chair and Assistant Professor in Bioengineering, the recipient of its inaugural CRI Technology Impact Award. The $1 million grant, paid over three years, will support Huh’s development of microchip-based research models that mimic human cancer and immune cell interactions.

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