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  Penn Engineers Show Key Feature for Modeling How Cells Spread in Fibrous Environments
  One area of research within mechanobiology is on the interplay between cells and their environment and how it impacts their ability to grow and spread. In a study led by Vivek Shenoy, Professor in Materials Science and Engineering, new research by Penn Engineering scientists, including Jason Burdick, professor in Bioengineering, is diving deeper into this relationship, showing that stiffness is not the only factor researchers should consider when studying this process.
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  Brain Network Organization Changes Influence Improvements in Executive Function
Danielle Bassett, Eduardo D. Glandt Faculty Fellow and Associate Professor in Bioengineering, recently collaborated with colleagues from the Perelman School of Medicine on a study that looks at how brain networks change as children develop into adolescence. Bassett's previous work on applying network science principles to neuroscience has suggested that the organization of these networks helps lead to "cognitive control."
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  Penn/CHOP Study Will Translate Objective Diagnostic Measures for Sports-related Concussion Across the Lab, Clinic and Field
In a study will be led by three interdisciplinary co-investigators including Susan Margulies, Robert D. Bent Professor in Bioengineering, researchers are teaming up to translate preclinical research and human studies into better diagnostic tools for the clinic and the sidelines as well as creating the foundation for better headgear and other protective equipment.
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  Penn Researchers Receive $9.25M Grant to Study Cellular Mechanisms of Concussion
A $9.25 million grant has been awarded by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to a team of Penn researchers led by co-PI David F. Meaney, Solomon R. Pollack Professor and Chair of the Department of Bioengineering. The group will study the underlying mechanisms of concussion and help uncover potential clinical interventions that could improve recovery.

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