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  Using Statistics to Uncover the Truth About Individual Cells

A group of Penn researchers including Arjun Raj, Assistant Professor in Bioengineering, have developed a better method for interpreting data from single-cell RNA sequencing technologies.

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  Three Engineers Receive 2018 University Awards for Distinguished Teaching
Paulo E. Arratia, Stephan Zdancewic and Daniel A. Hammer have each been awarded 2018 University Teaching Awards sponsored by the University of Pennsylvania's Office of the Provost. The three are amongst 12 awardees throughout the University this year. At the April 25, 2018 ceremony, Provost Wendell Pritchett will present the awards and read excerpts of the recommendation letters from faculty and students who nominated the winners.
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  Penn Engineers' Liquid Assembly Line Makes Drug Microparticles a Thousand Times Faster
Penn Engineers have now developed a microfluidic system where more than ten thousand of these devices run in parallel, all on a silicon-and-glass chip that can fit into a shirt pocket. The team, led by David Issadore, Assistant Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, and Sagar Yadavali, a postdoctoral researcher in his lab, outlined the design of their system in the journal Nature Communications.
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  Science and Politics: a Q&A with Molly Sheehan

Molly Sheehan, postdoctoral researcher in Bioengineering, sat down with Penn Today to discuss her path towards becoming a scientist, what led her to run for office, and the changes she hopes to be able to make.


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