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  Penn Engineering 2015 Teaching Awards
Three Penn Engineering faculty members have been selected to receive the 2015 Penn Engineering Teaching Awards. The recipients of the annual Penn Engineering teaching and advising awards are gifted educators who inspire students with their dedication and excellence. Each awardee was selected directly by Penn Engineering students after thoughtful consideration.
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  Vijay Kumar Named Dean of Penn Engineering
Penn President Amy Gutmann announced that Vijay Kumar will be the next dean of Penn Engineering, effective July 1, 2015. Provost Vincent Price called him a person of "experience and vision." The selection of Dr. Kumar, UPS Foundation Professor, successfully concludes a comprehensive search to find a successor to Eduardo Glandt.
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  Penn Engineering alumni firm builds desktop 3-D printers
Penn Engineering alumni, Danny Cabrera and Ricardo Solorzano, cofounded the medical innovation company BioBots, which builds high resolution, low cost 3-D printers that use cells to build living tissue and organs. On Sunday, the team of bioengineers won $1,000 and the title of "most innovative" at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin, TX, beating out 48 other companies.
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  Miniature Devices, Life-Size Impact

David Issadore, assistant professor in the Department of Bioengineering, is developing an innovation in cancer discovery with his diagnostic chip that picks out the cancer cells with the help of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. His goal is to detect rare cells, such as cancer cells that circulate in the blood and are hard to differentiate from healthy cells.


Rep Rap 3D Printing Blood Vessel Networks

Bioengineers from the University of Pennsylvania have turned the problem inside out by using a 3D printer called a RepRap to make templates of blood vessel networks out of sugar. Check it out!

The World is Your Classroom

Our students have the opportunity to serve anywhere, from providing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) outreach activities at the University and in Philadelphia area schools, to serving the needs of communities in Honduras, Cameroon and China using their technological and engineering knowledge.

Undergraduate Clinical Experience

In the course "Clinical Preceptorship in Bioengineering" (BE 400), students receive what few undegraduates in united states ever have the opportunity to experience: a chance to shadow renowned physicians for 10 weeks as they treat patients, perform surgeries, and diagnose disease.